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The Lancashire and Cheshire Numismatic Society


The Society is one of the oldest numismatic societies in the country, being originally founded in 1864 as the Manchester Numismatic Society. It was disbanded in 1873 but refounded in 1933 as the Lancashire Numismatic Society, changing its name in 1967 to the Lancashire and Cheshire Numismatic Society.

Present Activities

The current membership is seventeen and the annual subscription is £5.

We aim to cover all branches of numismatics including ancient and modern coins, banknotes, tokens and medals, and in addition to lectures, visits to local museums are also arranged. New members with a serious interest in any branch of the subject are welcome.


All meetings are on Saturdays at 2.00pm, all meetings will take place in the Central Library, St Peters Square, Manchester.

 January 12th    social afternoon
 February 09th “The de Beaumont or de Bury question revisited” - Denis Martin
 March 16th Members' short talks
 April 20th “John Wilkinson, Ironmaster” - Mike Robinson
 May 18th “The coins of the Venetian possessions- on the mainland and overseas” - Mike Robinson
 June 15th Annual General Meeting
 September 21st Members' short talks
 October 26th “The Early American Colonial Coinage 1600-1750” - David Holt
 November 16th “Hadrian's Travels”. - Dave Millington
 December    21st Cheese & Wine

Books on numismatics

The following books have been published by members of the Society.

Officers of the Society

Ian Jones President
Dave Millington Secretary
Dave Millington     Treasurer

Further information

Telephone: 07828 150 182 (Dave Millington)

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