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Annual Report of the Wessex Numismatic Society for 2008

The Wessex NS has enjoyed a successful Diamond Jubilee year and things numismatic continue to thrive in the Bournemouth area. We have elected three new members since January, taking our total after two resignations to 37. The highlight of our year was the Society’s Diamond Jubilee dinner, held in March and attended by 34 people, including eight of the nine surviving past-presidents of the Society. Along with members of other south coast numismatic societies, we staged a summer Saturday outing to the Royal Marines Museum at Southsea and the newly refurbished medal room there, followed by a trip up the new Spinnaker Tower and visiting other attractions in Portsmouth.

During the last year we have also enjoyed an interesting and varied programme of speakers, including Rosie Clarke, Gerald Dunger, David Young and Philip Cox. Despite funding the membership at the Society’s dinner to the tune of £878, we’ve still ended the year with almost £3,200 in the bank. Our usual bi-annual auctions continue to attract more and more buyers and together grossed over £10,500, earning the Society £660 in commission: such is the continuing success of these that the forthcoming Winter auction was once again oversubscribed months ago and we have material lined up for June 2009 already!

Members from the Society continue to attend national numismatic events and we were represented at the summer meeting of the British and Royal numismatic societies at Cambridge in July, as well as at the two BANS weekends in Worthing and Nottingham and the Token congress in Warwick. Our activities continue to be well publicised in the coin and treasure hunting press, as well as at the meetings of our neighbouring societies in Havant, Romsey and Southampton, and on no less than three websites, including BANS and those of the Dorset and Hampshire County Councils.

We continue to look ahead to 2012 when Bournemouth will once again host the BANS Congress, and a small sub-committee has been formed to prioritise the early work towards this.