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Secretaries and team leaders of BANS-affiliated societies are urged to send details of their activities and programmes to the BANS representative, Phil Mernick, for inclusion on the BANS website. BANS can also provide a link to individual Society websites.


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The British Association of Numismatic Societies is the national organisation which represents numismatic societies throughout the United Kingdom. It exists to promote the study of numismatics by bringing these societies and their members together to share and increase their interest and expertise in coins, tokens, medals of all types and paper currency.


Brian Edge (Peter Crummett - 3/12/2016)

Sad news. I heard from George Martin last night that Brian Edge had died yesterday morning. He had been in hospital for a short time and finally developed pneumonia. He was a major player of the Crewe & District society and the brains behind the annual Token Congress and the Crewe Coin Fairs. He will be sadly missed.


Annual Medallion Congress

Although not affiliated to BANS we are making details of this Annual Congress available on our site. Please click HERE to view the web page.



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