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The B.A.N.S. cannot, for obvious reasons, recommend specific dealers or auction houses - but these sites are well worth a visit...

Numismatic Societies and Organisations


The Royal Numismatic Society,the RNS and the British Numismatic Society (BNS) are the leading academic numismatic societies in the UK. These web sites offer full details of the Societies’ programmes, publications, prizes, and history.

British Numismatic Trade Association (BNTA). Ethics and details. List of members.




The Royal Mint, lots of offers from their own coin club.


Monnaie de Paris, French National Coinage Museum in Paris. Site (various languages) gives history of coinage plus details of exhibition displays.


Pobjoy Mint, the major British private mint.


Dave the Moneyer The website of Dave Greenhalgh who produces coins in the Medieval manner.




The British Museum. This famous institution has a collection of over a million coins, and the HSBC Money Gallery is well worth a visit.


Department of Coins and Medals What’s on and how to contact them.


The Fitzwilliam Museum Department of Coins & Medals. An excellent site, well worth a visit. Their Early Medieval Corpus is now on line - this is an attempt to record all single finds of coins minted between AD 410 - 1180 and discovered in the British Isles. Currently 2,700 items are catalogued. Details of the Sylloge of Coins of the British Isles can also be found on this comprehensive site.


Hunterian Museum. The new permanent numismatic exhibitions based on the renowned 18th-century cabinet of Doctor William Hunter, who bequeathed his collections to the University of Glasgow, and supplemented by later additions.


Numismatic Magazines and Publishers


Coin News, a leading and long-established high quality numismatic publication, covering all areas of the hobby.


Coin World Magazine, another US published magazine but with interesting information (including the recent quarter dollars) and links.


Krause Publications, large range of books (many also large) and magazines on many aspects of numismatics plus many other areas of collecting.


Numismatic Dealers, An on line auction site with a very extensive series of links to many different categories of collectables.


Chris Perkins, offers British Coins / World Coins and collecting accessories. Pre-decimal specialist in mainly Modern British coins (1760 - Date) but often other types of coins are available.


Chris Rudd, a dealer specializing in Celtic Coins.


Christopher Eimer, a dealer specializing in Fine medals and Medallic Art. This web-site contains a large selection of medals as well as portrait reliefs, cameos and related objects.


Classical Numismatic Group (CNG), a dealer and auction house specializing in Classical, Mediaeval, and British numismatics.


Galata Coins, Paul and Bente Withers have published several books on weights and tokens and have a huge range of books for sale.


Mark Rasmussen, now an independent dealer with a well illustrated list.


Mike Vosper, a dealer specializing in Celtic, Roman, and English Hammered coins, and 17th century tokens.


P & D Medallions, a leading dealer in British and world historical and art medals.


Rich Hartzog, World Exonumia Tokens, mostly US, interesting token related articles and extensive listing of books on token subjects.


Simmons Gallery, Howard and Frances Simmons run the well known London Coin Fairs and deal in coins and tokens. Their gallery displays a large selection of modern art medals.


Spink & Son, who - as one of the oldest and most famous dealers in the business - need no introduction. Their web site has been fully updated and now has a "virtual gallery" of coins for sale, all fully illustrated, as well as auction information and specialist advice for collectors.


Tim Millet, specializing in medallions and tokens.


Numismatic Web Listings


The Celtic Coin Index. Details of over 28,500 coins are held on the Celtic Coin Index, and this web site has full details of how it can be referenced. The prototype on line index is now available.


Classical Coins, A very interesting and well constructed U.S. site specializing in Greek, Roman, Byzantine and Persian coins


Coin Dealer Directory, offers details of all coin dealers and other numismatic resources in the UK, accessible via area, in an easy to use and well-structured web site.


CoinLinkThe Online Numismatic Resource for News, Articles, Events, Dealer Directory


Coinsheet Numismatic Directory, A directory of worldwide links to many coin clubs and dealers.


Coin Today, Daily Numismatic and Gold Investment news, from the US., a well-known online auction house with a lot of UK-specific numismatic content. Plus a lot of world numismatics and paranumismatics (exonumia to those in the USA)


Enlish Jettons, a comprehensive new listing of all known English Jettons. These coin-like aids to calculation wer made at the Royal Mint in the 13th and 14th centuries.


How The West Was Faked. This site has a number of very detailed articles by Ted Buttrey and John Kleeberg exposing several series of fake gold bars and US coins. Attendees at a recent BANS Autumn Weekend will have heard Professor Buttrey' s denunciation of these fakes at a time when threats of legal action were implicit. The veracity of his statements has now been proved.


Learn about the field of Numismatics. An American site introducing Numismatics to newcomers. The site has a very extensive listing of numismatic websites.


Numi. This website shows all curent, and proposed, Euro coin issues.


Old and Ancient Coins. An informative introduction to collecting Ancient and Foreign coins with many links to other coin related web sites. is a thoroughly modern web site to celebrate the achievements of Matthew Boulton who died two hundred years ago in August 1809.


StartLocal is an Australian based listing supplying a wide selection of interesting and useful numismatic links.


The Great Seals of England and Great Britain. Images and some details of The Great Seals used in every reign from William The Conqueror to Elizabeth II.